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Total Property Solutions was founded in order to supply high-quality, cost effective and technologically advanced property management services to the discriminating owner. Our competition charges close to 20% per year (one month rent and 8 to 10% per year) on each property.  They then supply very little benefit to the property owner except for collecting rent, their own fees and calling a plumber when necessary. We on the other hand use technology, commonsense and provide exceptional customer service at a reasonable price.  At Total Property Solutions we know that protecting your property and keeping it rented is job one.  We perform an extensive inspection of each property at the time you have engaged our services. We will tell you what items should be fixed and what small problems now could become larger problems in the future, possibly costing you more money and a loss of income down the road. We then  re-inspect the property at least twice a year paying close attention to these small problems and making sure your tenants  are treating your property with respect it deserves. This re-inspection is unusual in the property management industry but it gives us and our clients the peace of mind knowing that their property is in the best possible condition and will always be ready for a new tenant with little or no downtime.  This not only will help preserve your property, but save you money in the long run.

Total Property Solutions has innovative programs that give owners the flexibility that they want and the ability to rent their properties in a way fits their budget and schedule.

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Total Property Solutions has done what no other property management company has done. We have given our clients the choice in programs that gives them the ability to choose how they want to select their tenants for their properties. The first program gives the owners the ability to choose a full service tenant acquisition that will show the property as many times necessary run background checks and credit checks on all prospective tenants, recommend the choice of tenants and facilitate the move-in process. The next program will hold an open house twice a week giving the prospective tenants a sense of urgency because they will be one of many people looking to rent the property. We will then run background and credit checks on all prospective clients supplying the information to the owner, allowing them to choose who will rent their property and then Total Property Solutions will facilitate the move-in process. Another program allows the owner to show their property to prospective tenants Total Property Solutions will run all background checks, the owner will choose from the prospective tenants who have applied to rent the property and total property solutions will facilitate the move in process. The next program allows the owner to rent the property and Total Property Solutions will just manage and maintain the property Each program has less cost than the previous one allowing the owner to choose his or her program that best suits them both financially and fits their time constraints.

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I have been through 5 different Property management companies and Total Property Solutions is by far the most professional and easiest to use.  They also are less expensive than most and provide more services.  They rented my property in 3 days and have kept it rented for 5 years now.  Its great having everything online and the inspections and the condition report saved me about $50,000 in possible repair costs.  I would recommend them to anyone who wants a property management company.


Hank Fisher

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