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At Total Property Solutions we strive to be the most technologically advance property management company in the country. Our owners have 24/7 access to all relevant information on their property, including: rent statements, maintenance statements, possible future concerns, any tenant maintenance request, and any correspondence between Total Property Solutions and the owner and tenant.

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We strive to keep the current tenant in the property and paying rent on time. We regularly communicate with the tenants to identify any problems or questions. If the tenant has issues we respond quickly and efficiently and try to solve any problems they might have. This makes their time as renters in the property as enjoyable as possible. Studies have shown that the property management company does have a large part in determining turnover in properties. It has been shown that if the property management company has a high degree of customer service there will be a up to 50% less turnover in rental properties. We make it simple to pay rent by accepting online rent payments, money transfers, credit card payments, and of course personal checks and cash giving the tenants a number of convenient options to pay rent on time. Total Property Solutions also gives the tenant a complete rundown of how to use the equipment in the property. This ranges from teaching the tenant how to change filters in the heating systems to performing minor maintenance on the plumbing and other fixtures. This often prevents problems during the rental term that might otherwise occur from lack of maintenance due to unfamiliarity with or neglect of the systems in the unit. Total Property Solutions not only inspects the property at that time it comes under our care and give the property owner a detailed report showing any deficiencies in the property and any small issues now that might become a large problem in the future. It is our goal to keep your property in the best shape for the longest period of time allowing you to maximize rental income far into the future. We then reinspect the property reviewing any minor issues we found at the first inspection. At Total Property Solutions we use highly rated contractors to do any work on the property. The owner will also have access to  pictures of the fixed problem online to confirm the quality and completion. Total Property Solutions gives the owner the choice in how much involvement they would like in the process of tenant acquisition.  Some property owners want to be highly involved in meeting and choosing the clients that rent their properties while others wish to be hands free, so you have  the choice to:

1. Have a real estate agent market the property.  Total Property Solutions will complete background, credit and employment checks, give the owner the information to pick the most qualified candidate, assist the tenant with the move-in.

2. Have Total Property Solutions guide you in the marketing of the property, holding weekly open house showings, creating a bidding atmosphere for the property, Total Property Solutions will complete background, credit and unemployment checks, allow you to pick the most qualified candidate and assist the tenant with the move-in.

3. The owner can advertise, show the property, find a tenant, Total Property Solutions will complete the background, credit and unemployment checks, give the owner the information to pick the most qualified candidate and have total property solutions assist the tenant with the move-in

4. The owner will rent the property and Total Property Solutions will manage the property for the leases term. In summary Total Property Solutions is a technologically advanced company that puts customer service first

I have had great experiences with Total Property Solutions.  They have  rented our property for more than the previous property management companies had and they are much less expensive and offer much more in return. I don’t know what I would do without these guys. They fixed the property when it needs it lets me know about maintenance that will need to be fixed so I can plan to fix it before real damage occurs. I would recommend them to anyone who has rental properties. Don’t try to do it by yourself, the calls in the middle of the night, the problems with tenants, keeping up with who has paid rent and who is not, and most of all not having to deal with all of the problems.


Wendy Rupert

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