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How much rent can I get for my property?

The rent charged on any given property depends on many different factors.  In order to get an accurate assessment on the amount of rent to charge, please fill out our contact form and we will consult with you to determine the optimum rent for your property.

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After filling out the form, if you wish to receive a ballpark estimate, click on the Zillow  link below.

I needed to rent my house in Falls Church when I was transferred to Arizona. I went through three different property management companies. All three of them took a long time to rent the property gave me below market rent and did absolutely nothing except for sending bills for the services. A friend told me about total property solutions, I engage them, my rent has increased by $400 a month and I keep track of all expenses online. I wish I had known about them earlier.

William Wright

Zillow’s estimate of your property’s market value rent.
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One Fair Price

No Nickel and Dime Fees

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Typical property management company

Standard Monthly Management fee: 8.25% to 10% of monthly rent payment
Leasing Commission (renewal): 25% of one months rent
Processing Fee (if owner leased): 45% of one month’s rent payment
Technology Fee: $50 a year
Administrative Fee: $195 per lease per year
Lease Renewal Fee: $125 per year
Non Management Fee: $50 every time

“Your goal is to make money, not to make money for the property management company.”


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